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How long are the workouts?

The workouts are a challenging 30 minutes and include a proper warn up and cool down. Do it in your lunch break or instead of watching that TV episode.

Each of the main exercises in the workout are 30 seconds. Doesn’t seem like long…right?

How fresh are the workouts?

When including all the In-App Purchase exercises (Hardcore and Intensity) there are 1.3×10^36 possible different workouts that could be automagically created. So every workout should be pretty darn fresh. 

What equipment do I need?

No equipment is needed for the base app or the Intensity In-App purchase as only exercises requiring your bodyweight are used to create the workouts.

To make the most of the workouts you can add the option use some equipment by adding the Hardcore In-App purchase. You can then include if you choose a pull up bar (alternative: bands), platform (alternative: chair), medicine ball (alternative: basketball & dumbell/weight plate)  and/or a sandbag (can just use a cheap bag of sand from the hardware store) (alternative: weight plate & small child 🙂 ).

Can anyone do the workouts?

The workouts created are not intended to be easy but anyone can do it as long as to always complete the exercises with good form.

To do this:

  • Exercise with natural body alignment with a natural range and plane of motion.
  • For impact exercises, land softly on a suitable surface while wearing appropriate footwear.
  • Remember to breathe.
  • Also review any unknown exercises prior to starting workout.

You may need to use progression options to maintain good form:

  • Get on your knees for push up type exercises.
  • Use a chin up assist band for pull up exercises.
  • Use less or no weight for weighted exercise.
  • Go at your own pace by pausing and taking breaks or completing less repetitions. If you can do more with good form then go for it.

Can I log my workouts?

On the iPhone you can enable completed workout data to be logged in the Apple Health app. There is switch to turn this on in the TIPS section of the Obstacle Workout app. This will include time you have worked out and approximate calorie burn.

Do I need to be connected to Wi-Fi or cellular?

Other then making purchases and downloads from the App Store there is no need for any Wi-Fi or cellular connection. So this means you are free to workout where you want. No content is streamed.

How do I adjust the music and voice volume?

The volume of the music and voice can be adjusted from the SOUNDS settings.

When playing background music from another app like the music app or Pandora, the MUSIC “LOWER VOLUME” switch will drop the music to about 75%. The VOICE “VOLUME” can be raised as required to punch the voice through the music.

When MUSIC “AMBIENCE” is ON the Obstacle Workout backgorund ambience will play. The MUSIC “LOWER VOLUME” switch will drop the ambience to 75% of current VOICE “VOLUME” setting.

Will using Obstacle Workout make me more attractive?

Yes, without a doubt.

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