The story behind Obstacle Workout


What are you training for?

My name is Simon Taylor and I get up really early most days and do a solid workout. I eat the healthiest I can everyday within the realities of this modern world. So people ask me “Why do you do this? What event are you training for?”

I am training for life

Life is my event. I want to be functionally fit for everyday life. That means that I want to have the capability to do all the things that make my life better, the simple things like to piggy back my kids, run for the bus, climb a tree….the list is endless. Basically it is about having an active part of my own life.

I know one of the best chances for leading a long life of quality is being healthy. It is not just about being physically fit, as being functionally fit leads to an active life that brings about positive mental wellbeing. A healthy life is a happy life.

Fitness checkpoint

One of the great ways to put functional fitness into practice is to do obstacle course races. It is like a life checkpoint to see if you still have sound functional fitness. It’s not like most people get a chance to crawl through mud on the way to work every day.

Preparing for the checkpoint

I started training with friends of mine who wanted to do an obstacle course race but needed to get back on track with their health. Having an event coming up was a good driver to get them moving.

After training with my friends for a while and seeing the awesome changes, I realised that it would be good to share how we train with others.  It would be great to help others to live healthy active positive lives.

So, seeded was the concept of the Obstacle Workout.


Simple purpose

The Obstacle Workout is about getting fit for the obstacles of life.

Integrated into life

Getting and staying fit for life involves integrating functional fitness activities into your life.

To do this Obstacle Workout had to enable you to be able to simply create a purpose built effective workout that was intense and long enough to make a positive change but short enough to fit in to a lunch break. Also the workout should be able to be completed pretty much anywhere.

That is why Obstacle Workout has been implemented to be a simple one click and go workout of hand picked exercises that can be done anywhere (no Wi-Fi or cellular connection required).

Tried and tested

The Obstacle Workout formula had to be correct. So every exercise has been tested and replaced if there was a better one. Scientific evidence has been used to ensure the structure is sound and the workout as a whole is effective.

The Obstacle Workout has been tested, rebuilt and retested again and again for well over a year to make sure everything is spot on.

Heart and soul

I have put my heart and soul into Obstacle Workout because I believe it can help so many people to live happier lives.

I have taken every effort I can to make sure it is a quality product. For example to film all the exercises I got up everyday and went to this nice park before sunrise for months just so I could film for about 15 minutes of nice light just as the sun was coming up. I would set up the camera on a motorised slider and filmed myself doing the exercises. I couldn’t use heaps of footage because people walked into the shot or the sprinklers came on. So I came back day after day until I got the all the exercises filmed.

So why did I spent 2 hours at the crack of dawn every morning setting up, filming and packing away just to get a handful of exercises each time? I wanted to apply the effort needed to make a quality product that I hope will enpower you to change your life.

The Road Ahead

Be part of the story

Join the story and do an Obstacle Workout today and show us what you are made of.

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I am listening

I am keen to make a positive impact on your life through the Obstacle Workout.

So let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements or if you have a positive Obstacle Workout story that can help motivate others.

“We have to embrace obstacles to reach the next stage of joy”

Goldie Hawn