Why Women Should Take Up Bodybuilding Too

The female of the species will go to any lengths to look good.  From pounds of cosmetics to wild hair styles.  Some even use magic like on those 1960s sitcom television shows.  The one area that has grown in the past 30 years has been bodybuilding. 

Women Should Take Up Bodybuilding

There are good reasons why women and girls should take up bodybuilding and resistance training and we’ll look at some.


Fighting Misconceptions

Fighting Misconceptions

The bodybuilding and resistance training field has been busy for years trying to accommodate the females out there.  It’s up against a lot of resistance as far too many magazines, websites, make fun of women and girls that have muscle.  It’s due primarily to the competition levels of female bodybuilding.  The women exercise for bulk and that makes them look too masculine.  This, in turn, has girls and women afraid that if they start bodybuilding they’ll turn into manly looking women.

That isn’t the case at all.  Thanks to the professionalism of many of the world’s top bodybuilders and fitness trainers, today’s young lady, and older lady, can get major benefits from bodybuilding and still keep their feminine appeal.

It takes some study to get past the misconceptions.  It is due primarily to not looking in the right places.  Many top sports stars and movie celebs pump iron.  They use it in combination with their other exercise regimens.   Done right, a woman can gain major benefits and we’ll see what those are right now.


The Benefits Of Bodybuilding For Women

Bodybuilding For Women

When discussing the benefits that women can get from bodybuilding, the list is enveloping.  There’s no downside to bodybuilding for women or anybody for that fact.  The difference for women is that their bodies may require different exercises than men do as well as nutritional requirements.  Once a woman has her regimen in order, the benefits will start appearing fast and furiously.

First of all, bodybuilding gets the core muscles in order.  The connective tissue such as ligaments and tendons get stronger.  The posture improves drastically and from these improvements alone, the foundation for a more expansive exercise regimen can be established and lots of fun.

Dramatic changes in a woman’s physiology can be felt and seen within a week of bodybuilding.  Posture was mentioned earlier and in many cases, women regain extra height due to such improvements in posture.

That’s all just for starters.  If a woman wants to get rid of the excess fat and calories, bodybuilding is the key.  Once the body gears itself to adapt to bodybuilding, a hundred positive things happen.  Primarily the burning off of fat.  Muscle eats fat.  It’s ravenous.  One’s metabolism rises so fast and revs up for the long term so well, that even while resting, the muscle keeps burning fat.

This is why women who indulge in bodybuilding get hooked and stay hooked.

Running, walking, and other aerobic exercises can boost metabolism, but nothing works like growing muscle.

Looking better happens relatively fast too.  A straightened posture pokes the chest out and makes the buttocks more pronounced.  Having that tight booty is what all women want.  They’ll end up having to fight guys off wherever they go.  As the fat melts away, the real form of a woman emerges and people just admire the glow.


Nutritional Benefits Of Female Bodybuilding

Female Bodybuilding

Oh, there’s more to bodybuilding than pumping iron.  The nutritional benefits of a solid and sane diet will work wonders and fast.  It’s best to not only talk to your doctor about taking up bodybuilding but also get to know a nutritionist that is familiar with the needs of not only bodybuilders but female bodybuilders.

This means a healthy diet.  You’ll need more protein and in some cases more complex carbs.  Vitamins play an important part in the dietary regimen too.  Believe it or not, dieting right can be of astonishing improvement.  Once you’ve adopted a more healthy diet lifestyle, within a week you’ll notice changes.  Combined with weight lifting the improvements are double-fold.  People will notice a difference and comment positively.


Be Wary Of Idiot Products

Idiot Products

Ever since women started taking up bodybuilding, numerous products have come out that entice them to buy yet offer no help whatsoever.  They’ll have catchy names and sport a celebrity on the cover.  It’s all about making money off you.

The best advice is to follow a strict, safe diet that grows muscle, improves metabolic rate, and makes you feel good all over.  This goes double for bodybuilding supplements.  You don’t need them.  Just eat right and you’ll be fine.


Take Your Time And Have Fun

Have Fun

Bodybuilding need not be a chore.  You can have a ton of fun doing bodybuilding.  Yes, you’ll see guys in the gym grunting and groaning but they’re in it for a different reason.  A woman may want strength but if she’s into looking good, bodybuilding involves precise exercises that sculpt the body.  This is why you should study and train with a someone who knows what they’re doing.  They’ll know where you need the most work done and why.

To avoid malaise, you can play your music and have some fun chants and other inspirational banter.  Listen to your favorite tunes or have your exercise partner cheer you on.  After the first two weeks, you’ll get so addicted to bodybuilding that they’ll have to pull you away from the gym.


The Payoffs Come Fast

Payoffs Come Fast

Even if a woman is obese, bodybuilding can produce favorable results within just 4 to 8 weeks.  As the fat burns off the woman or girl can see where she can build up muscle in one area and not in others.  Those fat wattle like arms will diminish soon as fat gets burned off and muscle takes its place.  Cellulite’s worst enemy is bodybuilding.  It doesn’t matter how much cellulite you’ve acquired, pumping iron will straighten out that problem within months.  If you’re slim and want more muscle, you’ll not have to worry about cellulite.  Just in time for those beach party adventures!


It’s About Feeling Good And Looking Good

Looking Good

Bodybuilding involves weight training, but the difference is that with bodybuilding you’re sculpting your body into shape so that you look good 24/7. It really doesn’t take that long to start looking good.  Four weeks if you’re thin yet more if you’re chubby or even obese.  You’ll need to keep statistics on which exercises you do and your measurements.

Your trainer will insist on statistics and the stats are useful to your doctor as well.  As you start to notice the positive changes in posture, muscle, skin tone, you’ll bet that others will notice the changes too.  Their compliments will encourage you and do wonders for your self-esteem.


The Endgame Is A Better You

Doctors will recommend resistance training for women.  Especially if after a pregnancy you want to get back in shape.  Nothing works better than resistance training and using bodybuilding tactics and techniques will get results fast.  In the end, within a few months, you’ll be so stuck on yourself staring in the mirror at the new you that you’ll be glad you decided to take up bodybuilding.

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