Take It Easy On Yourself

Life can wear one out if one doesn’t pay attention.  Often we can get involved in so many activities that we don’t take time out to get the proper amount of rest and downtime a human being needs to just live properly.





Not all people have sedentary lifestyles.  Nowadays people can be found working two or three jobs as well as handling things at home.  If one has children and pets, things can get even more chaotic.  This much activity can not only take its toll on the body, but it can take a toll on the mind as well and if the mind goes the body will follow.

The human body and mind are extremely tough but they’re not without their limits.  Some people are more able to handle excessive activity than others but in the end, too much will become detrimental.  It calls for developing a  lifestyle where rest and relaxation are an integral part of one’s day.

At times one can be so busy that it’s next to impossible to get a good night’s sleep or day’s rest.  This is considered dangerous as the results could lead to debilitating injuries or even death.

In other cases, it’s just a matter of not budgeting one’s time well.  This is a behavior modification that had better be adopted if one is going to avoid far more problems.  When the body and mind don’t rest well, both cannot coordinate and will not resolve issues of everyday maintenance.  Diseases and other complications can emerge and then a whole new world of trouble starts.

Insomnia can occur and its source will have to be determined by your doctor after some extensive tests.  Do not underestimate what your doctor can do.  It could be something as simple as a dietary change or need for more vitamins and minerals.  Only let a doctor analyze and prescribe solutions here.  Don’t take mysterious drugs and substances that you can’t investigate.


Change Of Routines


A change of daily routines can bring on exhaustion or prevent it or even remedy it.  After a doctor’s examination and diagnosis, you’ll get the right regimen for you to adopt.  It may require dropping some activities or picking up others.  One might have to follow a strict nutritional regimen or even drop bowling night for a regimen of jogging or swimming.  If you have to cut out some activities altogether then so be it.  It’s not worth overdoing things to the point that you’re no good to anyone including yourself.


Decrease Volume


If you’ve been wearing yourself thin, it might call for less intensity in the projects you’re undertaking.  Are you doing twice as much laundry than normal?  How about cleaning the house or tending to the lawn?  If you’re spending far too much extra time, you’ll need to cut that time regardless the outcome.  If you fall ill from exhaustion that’s going to be days if not weeks of recovery and such projects would fall apart.  It’s important to do things in moderation, not just pile on one chore after another.


Get Some Help


If you’re taking too much time fixing this and tending to that, you might just need some extra help.  Hiring someone for a job is easy nowadays.  You’ll want to get the most professional help you can but at a good price.  Just look around for somehow how could possibly do more chores in and around the house.  At the office, you might want to delegate more responsibilities to your juniors but you don’t want to overwhelm them or you’ll be putting them into the same sticky wicket that you’re under.

If you’re in an exercise regimen along with your daily duties, you’ll have to measure out which is more important to ramp down on.  It can be tough but it is never impossible.  If you convince yourself that your life is not in your control you’ll be shirking responsibility to the point that nothing will go right.  Take command and go for the necessary scheduling and regulating of your daily duties to your best satisfaction.


Other People’s Problems

People's Problems

Some of us are handy at solving other people’s problems.  We’ll pitch in even if it means exerting far too much energy on our part.  There’s a point where one has to just cut off other people who seem to always call on you for help.  This is a tough one to conquer because a battle of conscience and ethics and good sense come into play.  If one doesn’t watch out, one will find oneself constantly in a  quagmire of external duties that do note for self but wear our one’s abilities and resources.  Exhaustion can follow in a  very dangerous manner.


Not Paying Attention


Sometimes the problem can be one of just not paying attention to the amount of energy you’ve been using.  If you do live a lifestyle that is hectic and trouble filled, then you’ll end up wearing yourself thin before you know it.  Keeping a good schedule that is safe and sane is the answer here.  Don’t just try to tackle every problem at home or at work.  When you start solving every problem, other people less responsible than yourself will take advantage of this, not necessarily in a hostile way, but they’ll just become used to you towing the line.  This is not safe at all and unfair to your self and others.

Let others do their jobs and chores.  If the husband or wife are supposed to be mowing the lawn but get negligent, and you pick up the slack you’ll not be doing either of you good services.  Delegate responsibility for all issues that call for handling and stick to it.


Piling On Too Much


Without thinking, many of us will pile on one task after another.  Just because we see it as something that has to be done.  We know others are supposed to carry their own weight but our own impatience and disappointment at the way others do a job can get us tied up with so many duties that we can’t get a moment’s rest.  This is a horrible trap.  Living this way the specter of exhaustion and other disorders will sneak up on a person and it might be cause for harm.  Again, it’s a matter of delegating responsibility and letting others do their jobs or chores.  If you have a superior at the job, then notify them that you’re piling on too much.  If they’re the administrator that is worth their salt, they’ll realize they themselves need to take hold of the reigns and steer everyone to their proper duties.


Play Well, Not Haphazardly


When it comes to recreation time a number of problems can arise if one isn’t aware.  That special fun time might call for some very active events.  Tennis, swimming, jogging, all are fine for getting the cardiovascular system up and running and burning off excess pounds, but they can also wear a body down if one doesn’t get enough rest.  If you’ve been working a sixty hour week coupled with extensive at home time, you might make the mistake of going out to play not realizing you’ve been pushing yourself to the limit.  The workaholic is a key example of this.  All work and no play and too much work and too much play can land one in a state of disrepair that might call for medical attention.

Don’t neglect your fun time, but realize there is just so much you can do if you have a busy home and work schedule.  This is where you’ll have to sacrifice one thing and then another.  Balance things out so you don’t compromise the quality of what you do but still get things done to your satisfaction.


Downtime Fun


Here is where one has to seriously plan and stick to a regimen of actually just having fun on a smooth and relaxing level.  Since no two people are alike, it means that you will have to figure out what really puts you in a relaxing mood.  That doesn’t mean sitting around playing violent video games where the blood pressure shoots through the roof, it means engaging in activities that are one step above falling to sleep.

Usually, music is the way for many to chill out.  Classical music, jazz, easy listening genres are bubbling over with the product.  The key is to listen to music while you’re just sitting around or lounging in your favorite hammock.

Preparing meals can be a great way to cool down.  Plan meals that call for easy preparation but are rewarding to prepare and partake of.  Have friends and family over and engage in jovial conversation and stay away from arguments and tension raising issues.


Final Word

A smooth evening or morning constitutional can do wonders.  You’re not only enjoying some quality low impact exercise, but you’re also getting in tune with your environment.  Take the dog along or listen to your favorite tunes along the way.  Whistle or sing along and take the time to explore your surroundings.  Don’t go overboard and tickle a beehive which would make matters worse, just take a pic now and then and keep your distance from trouble.

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