Are Legal Steroids Safe? Which Supplements are Safe & Effective to Bulk & Build Muscle Faster?

Take a walk down the high street, look around your local store and one thing will become blatantly obvious – bodybuilding is huge. It’s promoted in absolutely every place possible – and there’s no doubt that the internet and general media has helped to intensify this.

Are Legal Steroids Safe - what are the best ones to use

Something that the industry is perhaps guilty of is making bodybuilding seem much easier than it really is though. Sure, the journalists might keep writing piece after piece which suggests you can net that six pack in a fortnight, but in reality it’s not going to happen.

In fact, there’s only one thing that’s guaranteed in this industry – there isn’t a substitute for hard work. Without this, even the best workout plan on the planet isn’t going to suffice. Of course, you still need to compliment your dedication with a solid routine and even stronger diet – but without that core mental philosophy you are destined to fail.

One of the main reasons that so many people struggle with this is because they can’t deal with the slow progress. Building muscle mass is a tedious process and there will be occasions where you just don’t seem to be moving. This is the reason that supplements have become more popular than ever before – they will allow you to realize your goals in much quicker speeds.

Following on from the above, we will now looking at bulking in general and show how you can use supplements to your advantage – in a completely safe manner.



What is the deal with legal steroids?

What are legal steroids

We might be placing a particular emphasis on bulking over the course of this page, but in truth it doesn’t matter what your fitness goals are – they are all hard to achieve. It involves pushing your body to the limit and any progress that you do make is often much slower than you’d ever want, or imagine.

The above is why legal steroids have caused such a stir over recent times.

For a long time athletes, and those seeking super-quick results, were chasing after anabolic steroids. When you looked at the benefits that these supplements arrived with 1, it really came as no surprise either. They allowed you to boost your muscle mass, in record speeds, and put simply achieve that beach body in no time at all.

The fact that so many celebrities have gone on record to talk about their steroid use in their younger days says everything you need to know about their effectiveness. Dwayne Johnson was one such celebrity, although the list really could go on. Something that occurred with the majority of these celebrities was that they opted to stop using them. Even though their gains were huge, and their bodies were sculpted beyond belief – all of this came at a price. A quick search for steroid side effects 2 should reveal everything – the changes to your body certainly weren’t all positive.

As such, legal steroids have pretty much stepped in and taken over the reins. Let’s get one misconception out of the way here – they don’t reap results which are identical to real steroids. However, they do make an extraordinary difference to your progress, and will make your fitness goals so much easier to meet.

The way in which they work is impressive as well. They rely on a concoction of natural ingredients, which are able to mimic the way that “real steroids” affected your body. For example, one common component goes by the name of Tribulus Terrestris, an extract of a fruit. This is something which is able to increase the amount of testosterone that your body produces – meaning that muscle growth suddenly becomes much easier. As this is a natural ingredient, it means that nasty side effects just don’t occur.

Therefore, the message to take away with legal steroids is that they are a safer alternative to the real McCoy. Sure, the results are not quite as strong, but they are completely noticeable and most people are thoroughly impressed with how they benefit their fitness journey.


The lowdown on muscle mass and bulking

bulking faster and building muscle mass with steroids

As you know, today’s topic is all about muscle mass and bulking. The problem is that these are terms which are frequently branded around in the industry and while many of us think we understand what they mean, in truth a lot of us actually don’t.

It’s for this reason that we’re going to start with something of a 101 based on muscle mass and bulking. Once you have grasped these definitions, we’ll move onto supplements and just how these can help you with your bulking goals.


What are the definitions?

Let’s start with muscle mass. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t relate to how strong you are. Instead, it refers to the size of your muscles. Of course, size and strength often go hand-in-hand, but if you’re looking for that rippling physique your principal aim is to boost your muscle mass.

That leads us perfectly onto the definition of bulking. In simple terms, this just refers to the process of gaining muscle mass, or gaining size. We’ll get onto how exactly you can initiate the bulking process shortly, but it mainly refers to training accordingly and also consuming a lot more calories.

And as such, our definitions are done. If you want big muscles, you want higher muscle mass, and if you want to get to this higher muscle mass – you need to bulk.


What does the bulking process involve?

Of course, definitions are easy – it’s the action part which is the most difficult.

So, how exactly do you bulk? In short, it’s all about what you eat. Your goal is to get bigger, and the only way to do this is to train (and increase the size of your muscles), as well as consuming more calories. Naturally, the latter is much easier to implement, although to make matters slightly more complex there tends to be two forms of bulking:

The clean bulk – For those of you are health conscious, this should be your preferred method of bulking. In fact, scrap that, this should be the bulking method that most of you adopt. It involves consuming more calories than you do currently, but these calories are nutritious. Ultimately, you won’t be filling up your body with trash; there will be plenty of protein to fuel your muscle growth. While you might see your fat levels increase slightly with this approach (as you will have upped the amount you are eating), it’s by no means going to be game changing.

The dirty bulk – You guessed it, the dirty bulk is the complete opposite to the above. In some ways, this is much easier to implement – as you can eat anything you desire as the primary aim is just to add size. As you might expect, the downside to this approach is that you will almost certainly increase your fat levels (sometimes quite substantially), and this means that a lot of people will follow up a dirty bulk with a cutting. It’s also worth mentioning that this form of bulking is rarely encouraged, for the simple reason that it can be detrimental to your overall health as you are boosting your calories in an unhealthy manner.

Making sure that you train accordingly is obviously key to bulking as well. The end goal is to increase your muscle mass and while eating sufficient quantities is a major piece of this, you have also got to engage in a solid weight training program to make sure that the additional calories and protein you are consuming is being put to good use.


How do you decide which product to choose for you?

how to select a legal steroids that work

We will move on to the various manufacturers and types of products out there shortly, but it’s first taking note of the sheer size of this industry.

Once you start to fully explore legal steroids, you will quickly see just how much choice there really is. However, rather than testing the first product that enters your eye line, it’s worth asking yourself about your own goals and the type of help that you need.

For example, not all products are equal. This article has focused on the topic of bulking and as such, the assumption is that you should try and stick with products that focus on this. In other words, make sure you avoid any that have ingredients which will suppress your appetite, encourage cutting or maybe some form of fat loss.

Then, there are the products themselves. We have already touched upon how some focus on testosterone production and suffice to say, if you are female, this might not be the path you want to go down. You may instead opt for a different way of bulking – whether it’s focusing on those products which energize your workouts or a slightly different angle.

It may also come down to your age. We’ll again focus on testosterone, as it’s the easiest thing to comprehend for most people, but this is one hormone that decreases as you start to get older. It means that if you are slightly older, a product that prompts testosterone growth might be advisable.


Who are the big players in this industry?

legal steroids merchants online


It should have hopefully become clear through this guide that legal steroids are rightfully here to stay, as they are full of benefits for anyone who is looking to bulk. Unfortunately, the industry hasn’t exactly been made simple, with countless companies now getting in on the act and providing legal steroids as part of their catalogue. It means that the consumer almost has too much choice – although not all of the choices are equal.

A lot of the companies that are selling these products are based online and as we all know, the internet is an easy place to launch products – regardless of whether or not they are any good. In other words, there are a huge number of smaller firms offering legal steroids, and not all of them abide by the high standards that some of the original manufacturers set when the industry burst onto the scene.

Bearing this in mind, we have taken the time to hone in on several manufacturers who are regarded as the most reputable in the industry. While the list might not necessarily be exhaustive, from our experience these three companies are tried-and-tested and you shouldn’t have any worries if you buy from them.


Flexx Labs

This next company are arguably the most scientific out there. They were formed by American nutritionists, which is impressive in itself, but can be emphasized even more when you consider the 20 years of sports supplementation experience they have behind them. It translates to their products being some of the best around.

This is a company that you can easily try their products as well, courtesy of their money-back guarantee. However, there are some downsides, and unless you are prepared to spend more than $150 you will have to pay for shipping costs. On some orders, this can stretch to almost $14.


Crazy Mass

While they are sometimes criticized for not disclosing all of the ingredients in their proprietary formulas, when you look at the advantages associated with Crazy Mass you can most certainly excuse them for this.

The biggest in our eyes surrounds the free shipping. This might raise a few eyebrows, as technically many other companies in this space provide free shipping with their products. If you read the fine-print, you’ll often be left with huge delivery times though – with many of these manufacturers cutting costs by using lesser-known companies. Crazy Mass go against this grain and as they hold warehouses in both the US and UK, it means that they can quickly arrange transport and you’ll never be left waiting more than five business days.

There is also the quality of their facilities. Once again, this is an industry which isn’t regulated strictly, so the fact that their facilities are FDA approved and cGMP certified certainly means a lot and makes them stand out from a lot of other companies.

Finally, their support system is also much better than what we are used to in this industry. We were amazed to see that they provide phone support, something that’s almost unheard of in the legal steroids field.


Crazy Bulk

As you can see, our opinion of the previous two manufacturers is pretty high. In fact, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. However, Crazy Bulk almost fall into a different league.

This happened to be one of the first companies to hit the industry and when you look at the size of this company now, their deep history is hardly surprising. They are widely regarded as a company that uses the highest quality ingredients out there, while their catalogue is continuously growing and this means that they certainly appeal to the masses.

Such appeal isn’t just down to the umpteen products that they offer though. They also provide free shipping and an excellent customer service team – with the latter being pretty crucial in an industry that’s often unregulated.

The only thing we aren’t overly keen on with Crazy Bulk is their emphasis on stacking. As we will come onto, there is a time and a place for stacking, but they really do upsell this and for some people it won’t be entirely necessary. Nevertheless, this is most definitely a “downside” many will be able to withstand and when you view the company overall, there’s no doubt that Crazy Bulk is the most established in the field and rightfully attracts umpteen admirers.



What are the best legal steroids for bulking?

Now that we have mulled over some of the big players in the industry, let’s take a look at some of the offerings from Crazy Bulk. As you might expect, we are only going to be focusing on the bulking products here, with the following three products regarded as the best performers.


Dianabol (D-bal)

dianabol legal steroid

This first product was created following the immense success of Dianabol. For those unaware, this was once up there as one of the most popular steroids in the world. Unfortunately, it was far from legal and safe, although its muscle building potential was second to none.

D-Bal has been released as a natural replica. In other words, it works exactly the same, but uses a concoction of natural ingredients. The main way it succeeds is by making your muscles retain nitrogen for longer periods 3. This is something that can make protein synthesis even easier and suffice to say, this is one of the big building blocks of rippling muscles.

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Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Aaron105 on Dianabol

My needs are a little more specific as I play rugby, but I can honestly say that the effects from D-Bal are way beyond anything else I have tried. I'm naturally a skinny guy, but the product helped me put on 10 pounds of muscle within the first cycle. It’s really made a difference to me and made catch up some of the other guys.

 by Carlos on Dianabol

I've had to cut back on D-Bal recently as I injured my shoulder and stopped training, but before that the progress was insane. I improved my bench by 40lb in a month and my arm size is the highest yet. Thoroughly recommend!

 by H.Mz on Dianabol

I used D-Bal for a four week cycle and can't believe the difference. My weight has gone up by 4kg and this is all muscle mass, my fat level has stayed the same. I can lift around 50% more than what I was before the cycle and the best part is that I don't even need my pre and post-workout supplements D-Bal is more than enough!

You can Buy D-bal by clicking here and visiting the official merchant website.


Trenbolone (Trenorol)

trenbolone legal steroid

This legal steroid has been created on the back of Trenbolone. Again, this was hugely powerful once upon a time, only for a barrage of nasty side effects to kick in which really ruined its reputation.

Rebranded as a legal alternative Trenorol, it’s all about nitrogen retention again. Not only this, this is an ideal product for anyone who wants more energy during workouts, as it will increase the amount of red blood cells which results in more oxygen being handed out to your muscles.

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Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Lee on Trenbolone

Already seen some huge increases in strength - I'm lifting something like 20% more than I was before starting Trenorol. I've only been using for thirty days, so I'm interested to see if this progress continues like this (praying!).

 by Mark Bledsoe on Trenbolone

The best part of this product for me is the veins! They're so obvious on my body now, it's the first time I'm truly starting to look ripped! My fat levels have dropped ridiculously as well; really surprised this is a fake steroid.

 by Thomas on Trenbolone

My weight hasn't increased, but my muscle definition really has. I was really impressed with the effect Trenorol had on my energy though, I was super-fuelled for workouts and this has obviously made a difference. I really couldn't recommend this product more. I give it 4 stars just because it's a bit pricey.

 by KJ on Trenbolone

I've used a few supplements before but the best part about this one was the lack of water retention. All my gains are genuine, it's not due to water, and my fat levels are lower than they've ever been. How is this product legal?

You can Buy Trenorol by clicking here and visiting the official merchant website.


Testosterone Max (Testo-Max)

testosterone max legal steroid

The next one we’ll talk about is one which is designed to increase your testosterone levels. Once again, it’s completely safe and legal, and only makes use of natural ingredients because of this.

Tribulus terrestris is the main ingredient that forms this. Umpteen studies have shown that this natural plant is able to luteinize your hormones, and just make your body produce that little bit more testosterone which can result in those monumental gains 4.

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Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Anonymous on Testosterone Max

The best part for all of me was the speed in which this product worked. Almost straight after trying Testo Max for the first time I got the "boost" in stamina. This hasn’t just been in my mind either, it’s meant that I’ve been able to work so much harder and my strength gains are really noticeable.

 by bones on Testosterone Max

I’m so pleased with what Testo-Max has done for my bench. I’m able to lift 20kg more than before I started using the product – I’ve never made such a huge leap! Also I can’t believe the overall results, I’m 12lbs heavier than before

 by ST on Testosterone Max

If you’re looking for something to give you that buzz and boost through workouts, this has had the best results for me by far. My workouts are more intense than ever before because of these effects.

You can Buy Testo-Max by clicking here and visiting the official merchant website.


How can you use cycles to your advantage?

legal steroid cycles explained

One phrase that you might hear frequently whilst researching this industry is cycles. In truth, this is a topic that combines perfectly onto the next one that we will discuss, but for the time being we will just focus on how you can use cycles to your advantage.

The amount of time you “cycle”, refers to the amount of time you are using a steroid. You are “on cycle” when you are using a steroid and (you guessed it) “off cycle” when you come off it.

It would be fair to say that cycles can be something of a grey-area. In other words, while one product might advocate cycling for a set period, a different product might suggest that you cycle for a different amount of time. This is the reason why it’s important to read the labelling, as each product will direct you differently.

To coin some examples, some bulking products will suggest that you only cycle for a period of four weeks. This can be significantly shorter than several products which are designed to aid you through the cutting process, with these tending to advise a time period closer to four weeks.


What is stacking?

stacking steroids advice

As we mentioned, the previous topic leads perfectly onto this. While stacking is a different concept to cycling, the principles are very similar.

Stacking involves using more than one product at any given time. The idea is that you can consume several products concurrently, and extract maximum results. A common example is taking one before a workout, and one in the evening just before you go to bed. Another is bulking for a set period of time, before then going through a cutting stack to eradicate any additional body fat you may have accumulated.

If you research this industry you’ll find that many manufacturers attempt to sell stacks of products. Sure, there are occasions when this is a marketing ploy, but at the same time many of the stacks will provide you with much more of a boost as your body is being aided in multiple ways.


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