Why Does Romance And Fitness Go Hand In Hand

Who says that there’s no room for romance and fitness training?

There’s nothing farther from the truth.  Fitness and romance can go hand in hand for young and old alike.

Romance And Fitness



The Overall Scenario

Overall Scenario

We could go all over the map regarding fitness and romance.  People frequent gyms in hopes of finding that right person and if it didn’t work, you wouldn’t have so many gyms around the country.

Gyms are a great way to meet people who are proactive about their lives. They’ve shown they have the diligence and responsibility to care for themselves and a person like that is what every guy or girl needs.

Being fit means being attractive.  The opposite sex will zoom in on you when they see you’re carrying yourself well, and have self-esteem.  Confidence beams from a fit person.  The overall positive characteristics that being fit bring means hooking up with someone with a like mindset and lifestyle can lead to a relationship of benefit to both of you.


It Starts Early

Starts Early

Once you’ve adopted a fitness lifestyle, whether you’re hooked up with someone or not, there’s lots of room for romance and the opportunities are numerous.

Let’s say you and your significant other are just starting out on a new fitness lifestyle.  You can workout together and support one another.  This leads to both of you encouraging each other and seeing the improvements in your lives.  It’s a bonding that will last a lifetime.  Both of you will feel good and look good and not be a burden to one another.  You’ll both be showing responsibility and determinism that brings about a solid foundation for a relationship of admiration and success.

If you’re just starting out, workouts that allow for some romance are together exercises.  Walking together is a prime example.  While walking you can address issues that make your relationship better.  You can even stop now and then for that smooch on the lips.  Matter of fact you can space the amorous endeavors for every milestone accomplished.  For every mile you walk, you get in some smooches.  That’ll make the the workouts more fun and appealing!

As you progress in your fitness regimens you should look for more opportunities for the at the loving expression that keeps the fires burning.  Swimming together is perfect for this.  Bicycling too.  Wearing like gear and letting people know you’re a couple might bring in some wisecracks or compliments but in the end, you’ll be more attached to each other and your romance should blossom.


Meeting For The First Time

First Time Meeting

It’s been said that first impressions are lasting impressions.  Meeting someone at the gym who is fit can make your eyeballs bulge.  Looking good is the first step and sooner or later you’ll meet someone who attracts you, and you are attractive to them.  Don’t go overboard as appearances can be deceiving.  The difference with bodybuilders and fitness people is that you know from the start that they are people who can make a goal make a  commitment and stick to it.

A person who can do that is someone you can admire.  As you get into conversations and like activities, going out for a bite to eat or maybe a concert is in the offering.  It depends on their leisure interests.  It’s no doubt you’ll have a lot to talk about as fitness is both an art and science.  It will be your anchor interests and sooner or later you’ll find out how much more you share.

Once you’ve met someone you can roll with, it’s all up to both of you to make things go right.  Since fitness will be your primary mutual interest, add some romance to it.  We don’t have to go into how much fun sex will be with someone who is fit.  Once you’ve gotten off the ground you may find that sex is not only rewarding but part of the overall benefit of a solid and honorable relationship.


Go On Fitness Journeys For Amour

Fitness Journeys

There’s nothing like going on vacation to get the romantic fires burning.  You don’t have to take a trip to the Bahamas, you can find fitness getaways in your own state.  Hiking is the most popular.  You’re outside in the woods together, alone, and the only things watching you are an occasional curious critter.

If you do frequent beaches, you can exercise on the beach while knowing later that bottle of wine and chocolates are waiting for the both of you.  You can even workout at night in some places.  Just take a look around where you live where you and your significant other can go to workout and find time for some cozying up.  You may find romantic hot spots that no one else knows about.  There’s nothing like that secret place where you can suck face.

If you go on a big vacation like on a cruise ship, all the better.  These ships are built for romance and have fully equipped gyms.  Schedule that romantic breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with your workouts.  It should turn into an experience you both will never forget.


Fitness And Romance Aren’t Just For The Young

Fitness And Romance

Don’t get the idea that fitness and romance are only for the young.  It’s also for the young at heart!  Seniors can indulge in romance and get fit at the same time too.  Matter of fact, older people may be more creative in their fitness and amorous endeavors.  There are stories in the news every year about seniors getting busted doing what comes naturally at their retir3ement communities.

Older folks know how to cut to the chase.  If they’re starting out on a fitness regimen, holding hands while power walking is a great way to keep the loving feeling going.

Fitness training is good at any age and just because a person has some years on them doesn’t mean romance goes out the window.  It’s good for folks to get in their smooching and hugging for as long as they live, and working out together is a sure fired way to keep the biscuits burning.


Things To Enhance Your Romance And Fitness Adventures

Enhance Romance And Fitness Adventures

Oh things can get cuddly and silly when two people are in love.  They often have their own pet names for one another and often giggle for no apparent reason.  It’s just part and parcel to the affairs of the heart.

Romance and fitness can be enhanced with just a few simple things.  Yes, people might think there’s something wrong with you, but you’ll both be happy and that’s all that matters.

One thing to do is have matching workout outfits and equipment.  Wearing similar clothing such as sneakers and such will show a bond that both of you will appreciate.  His and her bicycles is another approach.

At many gyms the most popular people are couples.  People admire a couple who enjoy both fitness and romance.  It shows that the two can go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Others get inspired and may ask you advice on how you’ve kept your romantic relationship going so well.  Enjoy such admiration as you’ve earned it.  Give sound advice and don’t be shy.  You’re succeeding in life with your love one and other people noticing it is further validation.



The true test is that with fitness and romance your life can expand into wonderful horizons.  Workouts need not be some endless chore.  Instead, they can be moments of which true love either blossoms or is fortified.  Not only will fitness make your heart healthier, it can make your love stronger.

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