The Real Deal On Building Mass

Every bodybuilder knows that in order to build up muscle mass, not bulk as both are different, there are rules you’ll have to follow.  It’s a combination of disciplines that must work in tandem with one another for maximum effects.  Here we’ll look at the various tactics that will build mass safely and sanely.

Building Mass


What Is Mass


Muscle mass is nothing more than the repaired muscle after it undergoes trauma during exertion.  When someone lifts a heavy object or puts stress on the muscle, the muscle fiber tears and in order to prevent the same injury, the body overcompensates by allowing for more muscle tissue to be produced.  This is the basic principle of what build s muscle.

The heavier the weights you use, the more tissue gets repaired and the bigger the muscle grows.  It can only do this if the body has the right amounts of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates.  This is how the body repairs itself.  By sending repair materials to the injured area.  There are ways to maximize the amount of muscle grown and that’s as simple s the farming method.  You keep it watered and fertilized with nutrients.  The repair process will max out and a new cycle can begin.  In addition, good rest is also prescribed.


Protein Is The Start


Protein is what the muscles need to grow.  Amino acids and other compounds and chemicals go to work so that the muscle can be fed properly.

Sources of protein come from animal and vegetable.  All protein sources aren’t the same and will have different results in ratio to the diet.  Animal proteins are usually the favorite of bodybuilders.  Others go more vegan and it’s the bodybuilder themselves that will know how well it’s working for them.  If you are going to try either, make sure you consult with your doctor and a professional nutritionist.  There are many plants that produce protein but they may also contain allergens.

Depending on which protein sources you choose, you’ll need to prepare them for maximum effect.  May go for the raw or very rare preparation of their protein.  It’s risky when it comes to meats but with plants there generally is a rule of thumb that says raw is best.  It may not be as tasty but it’s the way nature intended.  You’ll be putting your taste buds to the test but after a while, they will adapt.




Muscle can’t grow without the nutrients and energy of carbohydrates.  One will have to eat a considerable amount of carbs during the day to keep that muscle mass growing and stable.  Normally one would eat twice the number of grams per pound of body weight and that comes in tandem with a gram per ounce of body weight with proteins.  Without the energy from carbs, the person can’t work out to their optimum levels.  One needs the energy to not only live the weights but to do so repeatedly and the duration of the workout itself.  It’s the fuel that they body uses and one has to be cautious regarding the source.

Complex carbs are found primarily in unprocessed foods.  Raw diets afford this and that’s why people switch to a rawer vegetable diet.  With unprocessed veggies, one won’t lack for a bulk meal.  The key is to eat your daily metabolic calorie requirements.  Lifting weights will call for more than normal carbs but nowhere near what Olympic swimmers or cross country skiers do. Experiment and see what works best for you.  Stay away from sugary drinks like sodas.  Processed sugar is the enemy of muscle growth.




the multi-billion dollar bodybuilding supplement industry has had its share of ups and downs.  Every few years or so, someone comes up with a  new product that is supposed to revolutionize the way mass is put on.  Usually, these supplements are promoted by top celebrities without their knowledge that they might be harmful.  It isn’t against the law to put out a product that claims to build muscle mass quick, but it is against the law to add ingredients that one knows is harmful like anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids will build muscle mass fast, but they will put you in a grave faster.  It is extremely unwise to use such substances without the express permission of a responsible physician. That’s why if you are going this route, it’s best to try legal steroids instead.Often a new product will emerge and get consumed by the public before the harmful ingredients are discovered.  This is why you should only trust FDA approved substances and products.  Look to see if the product went through the stringent methods the FDA applies.

This doesn’t go for natural foods.  Only if those foods have been modified to a state that might be harmful under certain conditions.




The everyday rule in how to exercise to build muscle mass is that one needs to use heavy weights with low repetitions.  It is a good formula and has been tested tried and true for decades.  It takes care and lots of courage and determination.  Using weights that are heavy puts your body and mind and spirit to the test.  Great focus and enthusiasm mean one will do the exercise to completion allowing the muscles to get the safest but most challenging workout.  There is no fooling around when you go for heavy weights and low reps.  Be responsible and you’ll see results fast.

Don’t just dive into the bodybuilding thing doing heavy weights right off the bat.  Take it easy with using modest weights and doing each rep in proper form.  This will train you to be efficient in your ranges of motion so that the muscles can be taxed yet not damaged.  Once you’ve gotten the knack for lifting modest weights you can ramp up to the heavier weights.  It’s more likely you won’t injure yourself and the territory will be more familiar.


Guiding The New Muscle


After you’ve gotten used to a heavy weights regimen, you’ll need to learn how to sculpt the muscle for better performance an appearance.  Since you’ll be using your large muscle groups for the heavy weights, it means you’ll need to build up the smaller underlying muscle especially attached to connective tissue like ligaments and tendons.  Strengthening these first will allow for better strength and stability to lift the weights and build the muscle mass in the big areas like the pectorals and quadriceps and lattisimus dorsi.

Look at your self before, during, and after your sessions and see which muscle groups need more work and definition.  Definition comes later with lower weights, higher reps routine.  Often bodybuilders will build a  large mass of muscle and then get ‘cut’ by doing lower weights and higher reps.  This is perfectly normal but you need to know ‘when’ to adopt it in your routine.  This can be crucial because the body will eat up muscle with a high rep and low weight regimen and you don’t want all your previous work to go to waste.

It’s best to start out with low weights and build up to the heavier weights and then back down to the lower weights, keeping full proper form and keeping the challenge going.

Cooling down after a workout is of vital importance.  It allows the body to recover as well as the mind so that repair and growth can be achieved without excess damage occurring.  If you injure yourself you’ll have to drop your routine and that means losing muscle in the interim.


Get That Rest


More than anything, building muscle mass means getting good sleep.  You need the mind and body in good repair mode or you’ll not get gains and you’ll only get injured.  The mind needs the rest to analyze and diagnose the body in order to see that repair is done efficiently.  The body needs the rest in order for the systems to do their jobs efficiently.  When one goes out of balance, it will lead to less than optimum results.


Final Word

Yes, it’s great to be able to build up muscle mass in a relatively short period of time.  It adds strength to body and character as well makes one quite presentable. You’ll feel good about yourself and have the kind of self-confidence that anyone can envy.

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