The Proper Attitude For A Fitness Lifestyle

There is no winning if you don’t have a winning attitude.  With fitness training, attitude is most of the battle. 


Your body will follow what your mind believes and that takes discipline and integrity on levels you may not be aware that you possess.



Be The Winner


Visualization is a powerful tool.  Whatever you visualize yourself as looking like, your body will fall in line and adjust itself to follow.  Once you’ve gotten the idea of how you’ll look and perform, you’ll then find yourself following through and going for the gold in ever way.

Fitness is a bad word for many people.  They would rather lay around and hope that some mysterious force will always grant them good health.  This is delusional.  You have to engage in some activity or two that will promote good respiration and cardiovascular function and immune system boosting.  Sitting around on one’s butt will only promote obesity and the myriad number of diseases that come along with it.  The only way to thwart this is to convince yourself, to believe, that you will win.  You will achieve your goals.  You will never give up.  Without this mindset you’re doomed from the start.

Surround yourself with imagery of success that you’re shooting for.  Pictures of your favorite fitness or sports celebrities, friends who are fit, and quotes from people who’ve fought the good fight.  Their inspirational actions will be a boost to you to rely on.


Make Fitness Fun


Some would say if it isn’t fun, why do it?  Well, that can be said in spades regarding fitness training.  You have got to make fitness training fun.   Never engage in it if you’re dreary or bored or under the weather.  When you approach fitness with joy, the experience will be one of joy and you’ll remember such fun and it will make any further exercise an enthusiastic one.  Your body will respond to this.  A cheerful attitude leads to less stress and your immune system will respond positively to it all.

You’ll look forward to anything fitness and that means you’ll concentrate more on what you’re doing and your fitness results will be rewarding all the way around.

There are lots of ways to make fitness fun.  Of course the first is to do the kind of exercises that you love.  This way you’ll know what your goals are and you’ll look forward to each and every workout.  Choose the right workout gear.  Sometimes the best sneakers aren’t the most expensive ones, but the ones with your favorite cartoon character will do as well.  With today’s technologies, one can even have one’s pic of the kids, spouse, pet, put on sports gear.  That really is a peppy way to spruce up a workout.

Favorite music is a standard in today’s workouts.  Just your smartphone and a pair of headphones will do.  You can set your own play lists and watch the fun begin.

Interactive workouts are lots of fun. The various Wii products and virtual reality headsets have totally revolutionized the way fitness routines are done.  Today you can wear a VR headset that is programmed to work with your treadmill to follow progress in a virtual environment.  It’s a lot of fun jogging along the corridors of the Star Wars’

Death Star’ or the colorful landscape of the 1930’s ‘Wizard of Oz’ movie.  As you climb hills the treadmill inclines to match.  Be careful though, this kind of fun can make one not pay attention to one’s limits and can be exhausting.  Do it with moderation.


Joke With Yourself


There’s nothing like a jovial attitude to get a person up and moving.  Don’t be too critical of yourself or you’ll end up being your worst enemy.  You’ve got to be your own best friend during fitness training.  You must be the person who dishes out the positive criticism or the ticklish retorts.  When you find yourself running out of steam, don’t be harsh on yourself, crack a smile and remind yourself you’ve been through worse so this workout isn’t a challenge that you can’t overcome.

You’ll need to be honest with yourself and know your limits as well as your strengths.  When you’ve run out of breath or feel those muscles wearing out, just take time to pat yourself on the back for getting this far, think of something funny, and then move on.


Enjoy The Changes In Diet


It’s a mandatory ethic that you’ll have to change your diet to better maximize the benefits of fitness training 1.  This is where it hurts, but it need not be so miserable.  The reason for the changes in diet is because an active lifestyle can’t do anyone any good when the foods you’re consuming are detrimental to the repair and growth of your body’s systems.

Thinking you can keep up a good pace while overloading on soda pop is insane.  You’ll need to eliminate as many sugars, salts, and other compounds and chemicals that interfere with performance and growth and recovery.  You’ll also have to change the way you’ve prepared foods.  Cut out the frying and embrace broiling and boiling.

At first you might find the dietary changes so unpleasant that you might not want to continue.  Give it time.  Once your body realizes how beneficial the foods you’re eating are, it will alter your taste buds to enjoy the foods and beverages more.  After a while, you’ll no longer crave those cakes and sugary drinks and start to crave more nutritional choices.

There are tons of great fitness diet recipes out there and classes and tutorials for free.  Experiment and take your time.  It’s part of the overall adventure and once you’ve formatted a diet that suits you all around, you’ll find that others might want to partake.  This is a good way of inspiring others to make healthy choices.


Choose The Right Friends


With fitness, the same rules regarding life apply.  You’ll always do better if you’ve got supporting friends.  They’ll keep you on your toes and encourage you along the way.  Any criticisms they may offer are positive and enlightening.

This way you’ll know whom are your friends and foes.  Good fitness friends respond positively to your diligence and good merit.  They’ll be honest when they see you slacking off.  They’ll recommend the proper techniques and products that they’ve found beneficial and this can be a major step forward.  First hand product endorsements from those you trust saves time, money, and effort.

Get a fitness partner who is a good friend.  Together you’ll be supporting one another and giving each other challenges to overcome.  When one falls, the other helps to pickup the pieces.  This will bring about a sense of good cheer and camaraderie that will make your workouts go along smoother and more enjoyable.


Study & Listen To The Pros


Nowadays, there are so many professionals in the fitness area who give away awesome tips for free.  There are online tutorials, ebooks, videos, and lots of social media outlets whereby good fitness practices are displayed.

Pros know all the secrets and safety tips.  They’ve walked the walk and now can talk the talk.  One can befit dearly from their experiences and offer top of the line products and brand name equipment.  Joining one of their fan clubs or websites can led to discounts on products and services as well as possibly getting one-on-one advice.  This is the real definition of a professional.

Being able and willing to share experience that will benefit one and all.  Sure, some pros charge for their services and opinions, but it’s because communicating with people on a worldwide basis can be expensive.  Don’t let this dissuade you.  Follow their advice and if you find it of value, then it’s okay to invest in their products and services as the return on investment is a better you all around.


Don’t Dismiss The Spirit


One thing you’ll find among the top fitness gurus out there and that is they do a lot of spiritual training.  Good health involves body, mind, and spirit.  Top pros will espouse the benefits of their spiritual beliefs and many engage in prayers and other activities of a spiritual nature.  This is all up to you, but let no one try to invalidate your spiritual integrity.  It can be of great benefit.


Final Word

Not only is a fitness lifestyle one of action, but it’s one of constant growth and enlightenment.  It’s how you think about yourself and fitness that is most important.  Even if your present state of fitness only allows for a walking regimen, it’s still fitness and it’s still a step forward in your overall betterment.  In the end it will be you against you and that makes the playing field even at the start and finish.


Don’t be scared or intimidated.  Keep a stiff upper lip and delve on in.  Keep a steady course and always think positively.  You’ll love the brand new you.


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