Positive People & Surroundings Means Positive Results

It’s easy to say that when a person is around supporting and positive people and surroundings that one feels better and performs better.  This is both a subjective and objective debate, but there’s enough scientific data to determine the validity of this.

Positive People


The Negative Lifestyle

Negative Lifestyle

Some people just love to be miserable and won’t do anything to bring about a more positive and healthy lifestyle.  They’ll simmer in their own juices, complaining about this and that, and being as irresponsible as possible.  Soon, they’ll end up in the doctor’s office wondering why they’re out of sorts and in need of treatment.

There is an old saying that some people are “injustice collectors”, people who have nothing better to do than logging any situation where they feel they’ve been wronged.  They let these incidents pile up one after another until they’re swamped and couldn’t see the light of day with the sun out at noon.  Medical evidence has been showing that this kind of mindset is just as harmful as if one fell down the stairs.  It may take more time and be more seductive, but having a negative mental attitude can and does affect the body.

Doctors will tell you that there is a correlation between mind and body.  That many if not most of our illnesses are based on psychosomatic origins, or from the mind.  Only a trained physician in the mental sciences can determine this and it takes therapy and other medically prescribed actions to remedy.  That being said, it behooves one to pay attention to what one is thinking.


Negative Environment

Negative Environment

Not all of us has the where-with-all to live in an area that is positive and benevolent.  Often far too many of us get stuck in areas while we’re trying to make enough money to move.  If you live in a  place you don’t like, you’ll see an effect on your mind and body after not too long.  In another scenario, we can be living in a  place we like but the people nearby can be royal pains to live with.  These kinds of people can be family or neighbors.  There’s no such thing as not being able to change your environment but it can be a misery doing so which is why so many fails.

People often dream of living in the woods or on a sunny beach where all is gonna be peachy keen.  Then they move to the area and find out the neighbors are a nightmare.  The other people in the area are hostile and intolerable to be around.  After a while, if these people aren’t handled properly, they’ll get under one’s skin and that leads to misery and woe and effects on the body and mind.

People can move to a wonderful area only to find that their own friends and family get jealous and critical of them.  They needle and peck at a person to the point the person is confused about their relationships and life’s evaluations.  This can cause conflict in the mind and affect the metabolism which can precipitate further ailments.

It’s all about choices in life and the most important choice in life is to be happy no matter what.


Being Happy Is Important


Being happy in life depends on several factors.  People get into trouble when they believe they have nothing to do with the choices in their lives and thus delegate responsibility to others or even bizarre ideologies.  This only leads to further unhappy solutions and existence.

It truly is one’s own responsibility to make a happy lifestyle.  It means making choices that may be difficult but in the end, it will lead to a positive result.  This is the most troublesome of endeavors as far too often we’re mired with belief systems and cultural conflicts.  It may call for just cutting some people and associations off entirely and that includes so-called friends and family.


Overwhelming Odds


Sometimes life can appear to dish out overwhelming odds to a person.  Things just pile up one after another to the point a person is so disoriented that they wouldn’t know happiness if it walked up and bit them.  Too much going on too fast can bring a person to the point of falling apart.  They’ll end up with physical and mental disorders that only professional medical attention can treat.  This is not the area you want to be in and you will need to do whatever you can to avoid such situations.  There are several ways to prevent and fix such things and well talk about it later on.

The bottom line here is that one has to pay attention at all times to see the storms on the horizon and get under cover before they hit.  This way one will be in a better position to use one’s resources to prevent a negative outcome.  We must all face challenges in life, but there are things we can do to lessen the impact.


Remedies For Changing Negative Life Situations

Negative Life

Tackling those things that bring negativity to our lives starts with oneself, plain and simple.  As mentioned earlier, it’s about one’s own sense of responsibility that is the key.  It calls for being alert and paying attention to all areas of one’s life and choosing those actions and resources that bring about more profitable results.


Taking Care Of #1


First things first.  Many of us get into negative situations due to our not taking care of the most important person in our lives, ourselves.  That’s right, taking care of you first is not being selfish, it’s being sane and logical.  You can want to help all the people in the world, but you won’t be doing anyone any good if you’re barely hanging on.

You need to make sure that you’re being taken care of first if you want to help properly.  If you’re up against negative people and a negative location, it will wear and tear at you to the point that getting back into the game of life is next to impossible.

This is why you need to make sure you’re aware of the dangers around you and the means by which you can get out of any unpleasant situation.  This can range from changing your diet, getting off drugs or alcohol, getting more exercise, and of course rest.  When one’s daily physical and mental health are taxed, it’s difficult to handle what life throws at one.

When you’ve taken care of yourself first, you’ll be the right step to bringing in the happiness and positive good you deserve.


Take A Good Look And List

Good Look

You’ll need to locate and list these kinds of people.  Take notes on what they do around you.  If you buy a new car, what are their reactions?  Are they supportive of the make and model of the car and to your good fortune or do they offer wisecracks and the negative input to the conversation?  Do they decide your choice of car or the fact that you’ve gotten a new vehicle?

What do your friends or family members say when you’ve met a significant other.  Are they hostile and critical of your choice with nothing to back it up?  Do they go behind your back to your new love interest and gossip about you?

When you get that new promotion at work, which friends and family are quick to not only congratulate you but hold you up to others as a shining example of what a good person is.

The closest the person is to you, the more dangerous things can get.  It can be your spouse or even parent or sibling or offspring that is the true viper in your midst.  Just being around these kinds of people will lead to negative energy enveloping you to some degree and the outcomes of life’s choices and actions.

Deciding to put these kinds of people in check or to cut them off totally is the toughest of decisions.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to do so and taking years to accomplish.  The sooner you get away from these people the better.  They will only feed on your exploits and twist and turn them into disastrous results.




If things are that bad in the place you live, then just get up and move.  There is always some place that offers far more advantages as long as you don’t bring trouble with you.  Some towns, neighborhoods, communities are just cesspools of misery and trouble and the longer you stay in one, the more you’ll end up as a card carrying member of what you’ve always felt was repulsive.

Yes, it takes money to move, you’ll lose your job, the dog will move in with the cat, and so on other counter productive considerations, but the bottom line is, no one has to live in a place they don’t like and there’s nothing to force you to do so.  Life is about making big decisions and changes regarding one’s happiness and sometimes it calls for making the decisions that are scary, but in the end, you’ll know at least you’ve been cognizant enough to have taken the bull by the horns and moved on to greener pastures.


Bottom Line

Happiness in life is yours to take.  Don’t sit around wondering what will happen if you make a decision and act on it, in the end, you’ll always be where you need to be, with yourself to deal with.

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