The Older You Get, The More Bodybuilding You’ll Need

Getting older can suck.  It’s like every other week something new breaks or goes offline.  Doctor trips and medication may not be the best thing for you.  With the rise of bone disorders like osteoporosis,  people should consider bodybuilding as both a preventative measure to age disorders as well as a remedy.




Getting Rid Of Stupid Gossip

Stupid Gossip

Some people should be taken outside and beaten with a stick when they make idiotic comments regarding bodybuilding.  Bodybuilding is a form of resistance training that builds not only strength and endurance but also makes a person look good. People telling you you’re too old to bodybuild should just sit down and shut up.  You’re never too old.  Seniors today are prescribed resistance and bodybuilding training regularly.  It’s due to our sedentary lifestyles that compromise far too many of our systems.


Sitting On Your Ass All Day Is Deadly

Sitting On Your Ass

As we get older we get more complacent.  We retire and feel like we don’t have to do anything but sit around the house watching television.  This lifestyle will eventually kill you.  It’s not good for your cardiovascular system, respiratory systems, and mind.  Just a wee bit of walking or jogging can do wonders, but if you really want to see the big benefits, then resistance and bodybuilding training are for you.

It doesn’t matter how bad in shape you are.  If you’ve not exercised for 20 years, picking up bodybuilding will do wonders for you fast.  Age had nothing to do with it.  Studies have shown that people who were tested for muscle growth, endurance, strength when they were in their 20s can actually regain those benefits with a  properly done bodybuilding and resistance training regimen.

The human body is very resilient.  It can take a  beating and keep on rolling.  Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can’t roll with the younger people.  There are competitions now for seniors who bodybuild.  The professionals look so good they actually have thriving modeling careers.  Even at 90 years of age, bodybuilding can be done with remarkable results.


Changing Your Lifestyle Is The Start

Changing Your Lifestyle

The biggest challenge regarding bodybuilding and age is the lifestyle changes you’ll need to adopt.  No more sitting around and gabbing with the gang while you pound down beer after beer and humongous amounts of donuts.  No. You’ve got to game change when pumping iron and the changes in your life will astonish you.

The primary change is inactivity.  Working with your doctor and trainer, they’ll work out a regimen that is safe and enjoyable.  There will be schedules to stick to and changes in your everyday activities that might wrinkle your brow, but they’re all for the good.

Dietary changes are the next big challenge.  If you’re a fellow who is up in age and enjoys his wife’s cooking, changing that diet may lead to conflicts.  In some cultures, one must eat what is presented and all of it.  When it comes to bodybuilding and resistance training, this won’t work.  It takes a special diet and regimen of when and how to eat that wins the day.

Bodybuilding and weight training call for specialized diets.  It doesn’t mean you can’t have that great spaghetti dinner, but you’ll have to eat just the right calories and ratios of proteins, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.  As a senior, you may require more of some and less of others.  Fortunately there are products produced by professionals that cater to the older athlete and you can test which ones fit you best.

It’s tough if you like those weekend bar-b-ques and kegs of beer, but soon as you see the results, you’ll be more accustomed to the changes and your life will go upwards.


It Takes Time

It Takes Time

Although bodybuilding and resistance changing can bring about drastic results rather quickly, the older athlete might find that it takes some time.  This goes double for a person who has lived a sedentary lifestyle.  Take your time.  It won’t happen overnight but you will feel and see results within the first week.  Keeping your regimen going will produce further results that will not only astonish you but keep your interest up so that you won’t slack off.


Keep Statistics

Keep Statistics

It’s important to keeps statistical data regarding your workouts.  This data is essential for success.  Your doctor, trainer, nutritionist, will all be able to assess your status and improvements at a glance.  They’ll inform you as to what is benefiting you and what isn’t.   Don’t underestimate this data.  It’s how you’ll know mathematically how well you’re progressing.


Enjoying Your Training

Enjoying Your Training

Of utmost concern is that you enjoy your bodybuilding training.  It can be lots of fun which is why so many people get addicted to it.  If you have a partner to workout with, all the better.  Join a gym and socialize.  Folks will encourage you and you do the same for them.  It will feel like a team spirit that will maintain your enthusiasm and your self-esteem will skyrocket.

With today’s top exercising equipment you can exercise and watch your favorite movies and listen to your favorite tunes at the same time.


Take Pictures And Video Of Your Workouts

Take Pictures of Workout

Make sure you take videos and pics of your workouts.  They’ll aid you in several ways.  With bodybuilding and resistance training, it’s how well you do the exercise as you won’t injure yourself and you’ll get maximum gains.  As you compare your pics and videos over the growing weeks, you’ll see the changes in your physique and know right off the bat which exercises work best.

As time progresses you’ll feel so proud of yourself that you won’t stop smiling.  People will be standing around with their mouths agape at the ‘old guy’ or ‘old gal’ who looks like they’re 30 years old but are in their 70s.

Yes, the 70s.  Take a look at the senior bodybuilders out there.  It will shock you at how young they look.  It’s all about rehabilitating the body so that it operates as it did when it was young and bodybuilding does this.


Racking Up The Benefits Of Senior Bodybuilding

Benefits Of Senior Bodybuilding

The list of benefits for seniors who exercise is numerous.  Posture increases, metabolisms go online, it prevents Diabetes II, it improves cardiovascular function, digestion, back disorders, cloudy thinking, skin tone, and much more.  Giving the body what it needs nutritionally is half the battle and combined with a smart bodybuilding program means success across the board.

No more asking for help in moving heavy objects around the home and office.  People will be amazed at your strength.  If you like playing sports, more muscle may put a dangers tag on your tennis serve or golf swing.  You’ll not only be surprised at your new vigorous lifestyle but so will your friends and family.  You may find yourself an inspiration to them all.


In The End

In the end, pursuing bodybuilding as you age will soon become so necessary to you, you’ll not believe how you could have gone on without it.  Just because you’re older does not by any means mean you have to be decrepit and useless.  No.  The collective clinical data has been in for years and doctors will endorse such training to older patients.

You’ll feel good, look good, and won’t need as much medical attention.  Don’t end up like too many older people who are stuck in hospital beds in hospices and barely holding on.  Be proactive and look into how you can incorporate a bodybuilding lifestyle for not only yourself but for your family and friends as well.a

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