General Fitness And Reducing High Blood Pressure

Suffering from high blood pressure is a guaranteed way to increase your chances of serious illness, disability, or even death.  Inactive people use drugs to monitor and maintain blood pressure because they just won’t engage in a simple fitness program to keep the blood pressure levels under control.  We’ll need to look at how and why a good general fitness program can do the job.

General Fitness


High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is caused by several factors 1.  It’s just not having an inactive lifestyle.  It includes diet and diseases and other conditions that need to be addressed.  A doctor’s examination will generally determine what the causes of one’s high blood pressure and it may turn out to be more than just one source.  Regardless of what is causing the high blood pressure, a good general all around fitness program should start working within a few days.  No need for surgery or drugs.  It all depends on your doctor’s professional opinion, mind you.  In some cases drugs may be prescribed, but not for the rest of your life if fitness shows a dramatic and remedying effect.


First Step: Examination


The first step to determining what is causing hypertension comes after a thorough examination of the person.  The doctor will know from multiple tests just what the factors are.  Once that is determined a battle plan can be determined and structured.  This will allow for planning a fitness routine that will be both safe and effective from the start.  Do not evade this step.  It’s of most importance as it lets you and your doctor know where you stand and how to best prevent and solve the problem.


Basic Approach

Basic Approach

Once it’s determined what the basic problem or problems are, it’s now time to set up an exercise regimen that will work from the start.  Your doctor will probably have you start out with the kind of cardiovascular exercises that bring about safe and effective results.  Walking or jogging or swimming would be great starts.  It will open up blood vessels and allow for the pumping of blood that will lead to reducing hypertension from the start.  You’ll be taking your blood pressure regularly during this phase.

With today’s new technologies, it will be easy to monitor your vital statistics to see how you’re progressing.  After a while, you’ll have gathered enough vital data so that your doctor can determine which exercises and how those exercises best suit you for effective results.  It is of extreme importance that you do not neglect to keep vital statistics.  This is a battle of numbers.  How you feel is irrelevant, how you register is not.


Diet Is Part Of The Regimen


Your doctor or nutritionist will know what effect diet is having on your blood pressure 2.  If you’re pounding down too much fat or salt you’ll get those high blood pressure numbers.  This isn’t a constant though.  There are people who eat astonishing amounts of salt and it has no effect on their blood pressure.  If one looks carefully the answer is simple.  It’s due to the kind of salt they’re ingesting.

Sea salt is far different from the table or processed salt that goes into food.  Sea salt has the minerals that allow for the salt to be processed by the body in efficient and safe ways.  Table salt or processed salt doesn’t have these ingredients thus making it a culprit for high blood pressure.  Aside from sodium, there are compounds that can affect the body as to increased hypertension.  Only a careful examination will reveal what is causing any detrimental effects.  This will take some time, but afterward, a careful diet can be planned.


Toxins Can Do It


Toxins in our environment can cause any number of detrimental problems including hypertension.  The toxins need to be identified and avoided.  In most cases, toxins that have built up in the body and are stored in fat tissue need to be flushed out. Exercise and a good diet can flush these toxins out thus causing hypertension to be treated.

The reason being is not all allergies manifest themselves the same or as assumed.  The levels of harm via allergies might not be detected at first and might appear to be something else.  This is why you let your doctor do thorough examinations.  If exercise will help flush out or prevent the allergens to take root, then a good exercise regimen to relieve hypertension caused by all this is recommended.


Stress Induced


If one’s hypertension is caused in part or in whole by some form of stress, it’s already a proven fact that it is a double dose of danger as both hypertension and stress are known as “silent killers” meaning that they may show no symptoms aka asymptomatic, and aren’t detected until severe damage has been done to the body.  Fortunately, it will be easy to determine if it is stress and if that stress is caused by disease, diet, or just lack of exercise.  In this case, exercise can’t help and by monitoring oneself it will show up quickly that exercise is treating the problem.


Treating The Problem


There are several ways to treat hypertension.  It depends on the results of the professional analysis by one’s doctor.  This is a very intense moment because it has to be done right the first time especially if pharmaceuticals or surgery are prescribed.

You doctor will give you instructions that might cross into other disciplines where another professional specialist is involved.  It may come to your seeing several doctors to resolve the problems.  If it’s found that your diet is a major factor in your hypertension you’ll be sent to see a nutritionist.  Should you need to see an endocrinologist then that will be a step also and so on and so on.  So prepare to get involved to a great degree.

If one is lucky you’ll find out that the source of the problem is some basic dietary choices or fitness situations like being overweight.  From there on you can work out a plan to modify your behavior so that you can tackle the problem once and for all.  A fitness and dietary program, of course, means consulting a nutritionist and a fitness coach, but that won’t hurt a bit as with both in sync, you’ll see results in a short time. From then on in, it’s a matter of monitoring your progress and keeping vital statistics for further analysis.

If pharmaceuticals are prescribed then you’ll probably have a daily regimen.  It might take more than one drug and they may or may not be permanent.  It’s a matter of just the right doses at the right times and should be easy to incorporate into your daily routine.  Of most caution is that you follow your doctor’s orders to the T regarding the use of pharmaceuticals.  This is not an area to introduce irresponsibility.  If you’re using supplements for fitness they might conflict with your blood pressure medicine.  Let your doctor know all things consumed and follow the orders.


The Mind


In many cases, it’s the state of a person’s mind that can cause hypertension.  This can only be determined by a specialist.  Often once one knows what is causing the stress from the mind, the problem is resolved. In other cases, it may take some time and require you to modify your thought patterns.  Fear, lack of REM sleep, and other mind related issues.  Don’t worry as these conditions are usually not permanent.


Final Word

Basically, hypertension is a killer.  It’s not to be joked about.  Prevention is a good idea and following doctor’s orders after diagnosis is equally important.  Don’t engage in medically unproven activities.  It isn’t worth the risk.  There are many natural herbs and such and your doctor will know the history of the substances and will determine if they are of sound use.  Get your blood pressure checked regularly and the moment it is detected, go to work on treating it.


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