Fighting Bad Eating Habits

Okay, it’s time to take some responsibility.  Yes, responsibility is a four letter word to some people, but when it comes to eating right, it’s all about you and you alone.

Bad Eating Habits




Stuffing Your Face

Stuffing Your Face

Far too often people don’t realize not only what they’re eating but also when and why they’re eating.  Without thinking we can stuff that slice of pie in our mugs and then follow up with those three donuts and that’s just before lunch.  Eating disorders are far too common in the U.S., and that can and does lead to illnesses and worse.

It’s due to how we’re taught to eat while growing up.  If you have the kind of family that loves to shove food in front of you, then you’ll acquire the bad habit of eating whatever gets within your grasp. It’s too often that families demand that a person eat everything on their plate even if that plate is piled sky high with calorie laden food.  If a person doesn’t eat it all the people get insulted.

This is wrong and has to stop.  We don’t eat in America, we feast.  What we eat for br3ekafast is more than half the population of the planet eats in a week.  We do this several times a day at that.  We end up fat and obese and suffering from a variety of dangerous illnesses.

Learning how to eat for health is a new industry here.  It’s tough to get people on the bandwagon but for their own good they had better start and do so fast.


Food Isn’t Going To Run Away


If you’ve ever seen someone wolf down their food, you might have wondered to yourself what the hell is wrong with them.  They act like if they don’t gulp down all their food in a matter of minutes that it’ll get up and run away.  Food doesn’t run away if you’ve cooked it right.

Wolfing down food is not only unhealthy but it is dangerous.  The number of people in America who choke on food is astonishing.  They don’t take time to cut their food up right and chew it thoroughly.  No, they’ll just pound in the food and hope for the best.  The body needs to digest its food carefully.


Digesting Means Chewing


Digestion is one of the top functions of the body.  It uses compounds and chemicals to separate the nutrients from the food so that they’re easily assimilated into the body.  Our immune systems rely on our digestive tracts and that means if you’re cramming food down your throat without proper chewing, you’ll overtax your digestive system and you could end up in a bad way.

Just look at the number of digestive medications that are on the shelves.  There’s a digestive medication for everything and if we ate more sensibly we wouldn’t need 90% of them.

It’s due to two things, greed and haste.  In this case, haste does not make waste which is why so many people are full of, well, you know.  Constipation can be a killer and people undergo emergency operations to alleviate themselves of clogged up undigested food.  They wouldn’t have been in such a mess had they chewed their food properly.


Too Many Calories


The science and math about fatness is that you only get fat when you eat too many calories than what your body needs and you sit around on your ass.

If you eat properly you won’t have such a problem.  This means knowing the caloric content of the foods you eat.  For example, just one doughnut has as many calories as three 1lb steaks!  Not too many people can eat 3lbs of steak at a sitting, but they sure can wolf down a dozen doughnuts without breaking a sweat.

Eating excess calories that lead to obesity is like putting a gun to your head and playing Russian Roulette.  When the doctor prescribes changing your diet, it means changing your eating habits too.


Nutrition Is The Cure All


Since excess calories and a sedentary lifestyle are the root causes of obesity, it means you’ll have to eat fewer calories. It doesn’t mean eating less food.  It means eating more nutritional foods.

If you eat foods loaded with what your body needs to operate on and repair itself, you won’t feel hunger. Foods loaded with sugars and carbs and salt makes you hungry.  You get addicted to them and have to constantly fuel the fires.  Before you know it, you’ve crammed far more calories into your system than your body needs and it stores the excess as fat.

Eating nutritionally doesn’t mean only eating veggies.  Fruits, nuts, lean meats, all contribute to a well-balanced diet that will deliver the right amount of nutrients you need.  Once you get started you’ll find that you’ll be growing a taste and appreciation for such foods.  It may take some time, but once you’ve got a regimen going, you’ll be smooth sailing down the line.


Do The Homework


Don’t trust anyone’s opinion if they’re not a professional in nutrition and diet.  Ask your doctor to recommend a nutritionist and stick to the regimen and diets given.  You’ll find that not only is the change healthy, but it’s more affordable and tasty in the long run.

It’s about studying a bit more about foods and how you can incorporate them into your daily diet.  Fruits like grapes and strawberries are all favorites and you can eat a ton of them and not gain weight.

Leaner meats without the calorie laden sauces and heavily salted, are easier to chew, taste better and are easier to digest.  Meats take the longest to digest so you want lean meats that are prepared and chewed properly.  If not, the meats will remain in your digestive tract and might lead to disorders like colon rectal disorders.


Make Your Butt Happy

Butt Happy

It doesn’t take much to agree that there’s nothing more painful than trying to pass food that hasn’t been digested properly.  So many people have constipation that it’s at epidemic proportions.  Sitting on the toilet and grunting and groaning is not only painful and embarrassing, but it’s dangerous.

Again, well-prepared foods, chewed properly, without the gooey like syrups and chemicals will allow for smooth passing of waste and your butt will be a happy camper.


Sleep Better


Another disorder that can arise from improperly ingested foods is insomnia.  If one’s gut is tossing and turning all night, so will you.  It can get so painful that a hospital visit will be in order.  This is a lifestyle you do not want.

What you eat and how you eat will determine how well you’ll feel and live.  Sleep is just as necessary as eating and breathing and if your sleep cycles are disturbed to the point of hazardous disruption, you could end up in a worse situation than you’re prepared for.

Gluttony is said to be one of the Seven Deadly Sins.  In fact, it’s one of the body’s biggest mistakes.  Our digestive systems have developed over millions of years based on lack of food.  A human can go a month or more without food because our digestive systems are engineered to make the most out of our food.  There are instances of people living decades without eating anything more than a few fruits and grains.  When you pile on tons of food, your body has to get rid of it via digestion.  You’ll end up overtaxing your digestive system and the number of deadly complications is too scary to mention.

The bottom line here is to eat like you were born with some common sense.  Eat smaller portions of highly nutritional foods throughout the day and you’ll see the fat melting off a smoother digestive tract, and regularity that you can set an atomic clock too.


The Eating Right Endgame

Eating Right

With all this said and done, the endgame for you is to learn how and train yourself to eat properly.  More nutrition, fewer calories, smaller meals and an active lifestyle.  Once you’ve taken this advice under your wing, you’ll see remarkable changes in your life in a short time and in the long run, you’ll be glad you did.

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