Losing Body Fat: 8 Experts Have Their Say

It’s the question that is on the tip of most tongues nowadays; how exactly do you burn body fat?

expert advice about losing fat

Fortunately, the health and fitness industry is absolutely full to the brim of experts who know what they are talking about. Something that’s even better is that the experts we’re about to cover don’t just talk about fads; they are established public figures who also have official qualifications in the health area.

Bearing this in mind, let’s now take a look at some of the best suggestions that the most renowned health and fitness experts around the globe have when it comes to fat loss.



Andrea Metcalf: Stay hydrated

First on the list is Andrea Metcalf and the fact that she is a best-selling author should make her advice completely validated. She is the woman behind Naked Fitness, while she also has the official accreditations behind all this through an exercise science teaching degree and several other certifications.

Her advice is simple; consume more water. This is something that is drilled into us from an early age, but Metcalf’s advice has some real substance behind it. She says that due to the boosts in energy that additional water to the body provides you, it’s something that can be invaluable as you bid to drop the pounds. Suddenly, just through a little extra hydration, you’ll find it easier than ever before to burn through calories.


Christine Bullock: Turn back the clock

Next on the list is Christine Bullock and if you have ever turned into Fit for Fashion TV, you’ll know all about her. She is a judge on that television show, while her 20-year career in the health and fitness industry has seen her do everything from claim certifications to launch hugely popular DVD series’.

Bullock says that if she were to pick a suggestion to help you lose body fat, it would be to just turn back the clock. In other words, live like you would have had to do a century ago. This means walking to places such as the grocery store, and turning to fresh food, in a bid to bring the natural-factor back to your life. Ultimately, it will result in burning more calories, and better quality food entering your body.


Ashley Borden: Stay in good circles

The third member of our list is Ashley Borden, who is one of the most famous personal trainers in the world and has an abundance of high-profile clients. In addition, she has the ‘#1 Workout DVD’ award from Fitness Magazine, amongst a whole host of other accolades.

Like a lot of the advice that is being focused upon today, Borden’s idea is pretty simple. It’s all about making sure that the circle you are in is on the same page as you. In other words, everyone is on the same wavelength and you are not going to be dragged down by unhealthy eating (and most probably, drinking) habits.


Kathy Smart: Ditch the scales

This is another individual who will be well-known amongst most of you. While she might be a best-selling author, the fact she also hosted the first ever gluten-free show to don North American TV screens says everything about her reputation.

If we turn to her advice, she says that one of the worst things you can do is focus on the weighing scales. These can paint a completely inaccurate picture of your situation – as they don’t take into account your fat levels. You might think that you aren’t dropping your fat levels, when in reality you are and it’s your level of muscle that is making the scales stay constant.


Gina Aliotti: Be creative

Gina Aliotti is the next expert on the list, and happens to be the co-founder of DevotionNutrition.com. As well as this, she has a bachelor’s in food and nutrition and is a certified personal trainer, meaning that she holds all of the official documentation as well as being in the public eye.

She recommends simply being creative with your cooking. She says that a lot of people fail with their dieting because their food is simply too boring. Instead of this, try and negotiate your cravings with creative means to cook food. Experiment with new flavors, and try and unleash senses that allow you to enjoy such food in a completely guilt-free manner.


Susan Irby: Ditch the alcohol

The next expert comes in the form of Susan Irby. With over 15 years of experience in this industry, she certainly has the history. Like a lot of the experts on our list, she has been largely in the public eye thanks to her appearances as a television host and also an author.

According to Irby, alcohol is a big reason why people just can’t drop their fat level. Of course, this is something that most people are firmly aware of, but Irby says that you really should look to limit your intake to a maximum of two drinks per week. To do this, tap into something like cucumber mint water. While this might not provide the “kick” that accompanies alcohol, it does refresh your taste buds and hydrate you in a more exciting way than water will. It’s obviously completely natural as well.


George Allen: Jump on the protein bandwagon

For anyone who keeps tabs on popular health and fitness blogs, you’ll probably be fully aware about George Allen. This is the co-founder of MensAnswer.com, although he also has a bachelor’s degree inย  nutrition/dietetics and a master’s degree in nutrition science which certainly helps matters.

Allen advocates tapping into protein sources as much as possible. This is something that should become a permanent habit. Protein is something which helps you build muscle (and replace that fat), but an indirect benefit of it is that it can make you feel full for longer. Ultimately, you are less likely to dive for the cookie jar.


Liam Burgess: The importance of meal prep

With an ACE certification and as an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and also being an established author in some of the best fitness magazines around, it would be fair to say that Liam Burgess (co-founder of UseLegalSteroids) knows what he is talking about.

In relation to burning fat, he says that the best advice is to stay on top of your meal prep. Always be mindful about what you can do to eat healthily, and how you can use time to your advantage. In other words, try and plan your meals several days in advance, just so you don’t fall into the trap of being in a rush to put a meal together. Usually, when this happens, you’re asking for trouble.

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