Exercise One Step At A Time

You’ve been sitting on your duff for far too long and the warning signs are clear.  Your circulation is down, blood pressure is high, and there are a number of other problems cropping up that all spell out exercise.  To far too many, the word exercise is a four-letter word. 


It’s due to the sedentary lifestyles people have adopted.  It’s only when dire circumstances arise that people will find a will and way to start an exercise program.  That’s all well and good, but you’ve got to take it easy and do things one step at a time or end up in a worse situation.



Personal Evaluation

Personal Evaluation

Nothing is going to happen if you’ve not taken a real good look at yourself.  You’ll need to be honest with yourself and tally what you’re lacking in and too excessive in.  The first thing at a glance is whether you’re overweight.  Don’t use the old excuse of being ‘big boned’.  That’s a poor excuse.  You’re either too fat or you’re not.  The amount of fat that causes detrimental effects can vary from each person.

Some people can support 100 pounds of fat and still have normal vital statistics  Other people can put on only 10 pounds of fat and start falling apart.  It all depends on one’s genetics but the bottom line is that excess fat will eventually turn into a catalyze for health problems.

Once you’ve done that, the next step is your energy levels and vitals.  Go see your doctor and have a full examination.  The doctor will be able to tell you what is wrong at present and what you might develop that will be detrimental to your health.  Always follow doctor’s orders but also get a second opinion just in case.  Once you’ve gotten the right clearance to exercise you’ll need to get a nutritionist to step on board and get you to rehabilitate your diet.  Without a proper diet, you might as well call it quits right now.  At this point, you’ve got yourself well oriented on where you stand, where you need to be, and what you need to do at the minimum.




Next, comes the planning.  You’ll have to realistically look at what you’ll have to schedule and when.  Are you willing or able to adjust or make a schedule that will benefit a new exercise regimen?  If so, then do so smartly.  Pick times when you can have recovery time afterward.  Without rest and recovery, your body won’t metabolize properly nor repair itself so.

Plan an exercise regimen that will grow on a gradient.  Don’t try to do an Olympic style program just yet.  You need to move into it and do each exercise cautiously.  You’ll be introducing your body and mind to new things and you want to give your systems the room to compensate and build up repair and growth.  Keep a chart on your first set of exercises.

For example, if you’re able to walk, do a walking regimen that starts off with a mile a day for two weeks.  Keep statistics on how fast you do that mile and also if possible, keep vital statistics before, during and after.  These statistics will give you and your doctor a great look at how you’re progressing and whether or not the exercise regimen can be improved.


Ramping Things Up


Once you’ve gotten your exercise regimen up and going, after a time it might not be challenging enough and you’ll have to ramp things up.  If you’re walking for exercise you may need to quicken your pace or extend your time and distance.

You may need to add a weight lifting program or biking or rope jumping.  With each new exercise, you’ll need to follow the same basic approach and methods.  Keep statistics and follow professional advice.  Once you’ve gained new momentum you’ll see the improvements in relatively a short period of time.


It Doesn’t Happen Overnight


The results of exercise don’t happen overnight.  It takes patience and diligence so be aware of this.  In many cases, you’ll see weight loss in just a few days.  Drinking enough water and cutting calories will cause toxins and fat to disperse and be expunged from the body.  It’s not unusual for even just a change in diet and exercise can see several pounds of fat lost in a week alone.

At the same time your body will be building muscle which is more condensed than fat so you need to be aware that as you lose weight through fat burning, you’ll also be gaining weight from muscle growth.  Don’t let the scale scare you.  It’s just a normal part of the process.


Take Photos And Video


Thanks to today’s new technologies, it’s easy to take pics and video of one’s progress during exercise.  As a matter of fact, you can wear devices that record and transmit vitals data so that they can be analyzed in real time or later at your doctor’s convenience.  This will also be of great benefit down the road when you reflect on your progress and challenges you’ve faced and overcome.  The web is full of ‘before and after’ videos and pics of people who engaged in exercise regimens.  These pics and vids are of great inspiration to tens of millions of people worldwide.

You can find yourself an internet star in some cases.  People who’ve had one career have changed up when responses to their web based success pics and videos dropped.  It’s because once your vids and pics are published, people will visit your website or blog or social media pages.  That is the kind of website traffic that can be converted into sales of either your own products or products you endorse.  In this case, a new exercise program can lead to financial augmentation and success.


Have Fun


One of the best pieces of advice to keep your exercise regimen at a good pace at the start is to have fun.  There are lots of ways to have fun while starting exercise.  Today we have devices that allow for listening to your favorite music or lectures, even audio books.  Pick your favorite songs in a playlist or tune into an online radio station and enjoy the music while you workout.  This will keep your spirits up and you’ll not focus on how difficult an exercise is, but on how much you’re enjoying the routine. Soon your mind and body will associate exercise with fun and it won’t be such a chore to engage in.


Get A Buddy


It’s a good idea to get a buddy to workout with you.  If you’re just starting out a buddy will keep you reminded that you need to take it easy at first.  As you both workout together you’ll be able to keep tabs on one another and make sure the other doesn’t overdo it.  This way you’ll be comfortable with the fact that someone is looking out for you.




Do not underestimate the power of good rest.  A good resting period after exercise is essential.  It allows for the body to do diagnostics and moderate the resources available for repair and growth.  It will also complement the anti-stress benefits.  Far too many people don’t realize this and wonder why they don’t get the proper results from their exercise efforts.  Don’t fall into this trap.  Get the rest and see the best.


Final Word

As we can see, exercise is important, but doing it right to avoid failure is essential.  The longer you procrastinate the more dangers will emerge in your life.  Take it easy at first and do each step with your doctors’ knowledge.  Ina short time you’ll see the positive results and later on, it will be so second nature that you’ll not even see exercise as a chore, but as a solution to everything that makes you down.

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