Fighting Bad Eating Habits

Bad Eating Habits

Okay, it’s time to take some responsibility.  Yes, responsibility is a four letter word to some people, but when it comes to eating right, it’s all about you and you alone.     Stuffing Your Face Far too often people don’t ...[Read More]

Statistics And Fitness Go Hand In Hand

Statistics And Fitness

Any fitness regimen needs to be evaluated via the statistics gathered before, during, and after exercises.  Statistics allow us to keep a tab on what is being done and how well it is being done.  Such data can be stored and analyzed later or in real ...[Read More]

The Proper Attitude For A Fitness Lifestyle


There is no winning if you don’t have a winning attitude.  With fitness training, attitude is most of the battle.  Your body will follow what your mind believes and that takes discipline and integrity on levels you may not be aware that you pos ...[Read More]

Exercise One Step At A Time


You’ve been sitting on your duff for far too long and the warning signs are clear.  Your circulation is down, blood pressure is high, and there are a number of other problems cropping up that all spell out exercise.  To far too many, the word e ...[Read More]

The Real Deal On Building Mass

Building Mass

Every bodybuilder knows that in order to build up muscle mass, not bulk as both are different, there are rules you’ll have to follow.  It’s a combination of disciplines that must work in tandem with one another for maximum effects.  Here ...[Read More]

Take It Easy On Yourself


Life can wear one out if one doesn’t pay attention.  Often we can get involved in so many activities that we don’t take time out to get the proper amount of rest and downtime a human being needs to just live properly.   Problems Not ...[Read More]

Starting Off With Bodybuilding

starting off with bodybuilding

When one talks about bodybuilding the images of super muscular men and women who look like comic book superheroes comes to mind.  Considering what it takes regarding mind, body, and spirit to be a bodybuilder, that association isn’t that far of ...[Read More]