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“Get a smarter exercise app with Obstacle Workout”

5 stars

“This is my new favourite workout app”

“High quality intense workout”

“Easy to follow high intensity workout”

So simple to just workout

One click workouts

With just one click, Obstacle Workout will automagically create a fresh high intensity functional workout every time. No thinking required.

Then go

No messing around. Get your sweat on by following the clear video and audio instructions.

Highly effective workouts built on scientific evidence

Exercises that count

Hand picked functional exercises used to create the perfectly optimised workouts

Custom Workouts

Use our prebuilt workouts or create your own workouts based on focus muscle groups and timeframe

Come Back for More

Option to include warm up and cool down for injury avoidance and better recovery

Structured Intensity

High intensity while allowing appropriate exercise and rest interval ratio times, structured to alternate target muscle groups

Calorie Afterburn

Afterburn effect to keep burning calories even after the workout is complete

Built for Results

Built, tested and rebuilt for over a year to get it just right for you to achieve awesome results

It’s no walk in the park

Workout Anywhere

No Wi-Fi or cellular access required after the app purchases have been installed from the App Store

No logins or waiting on streaming videos

Airplay the videos to your Apple TV

You can just as easily workout in the park as you can at home

Workout Music

Play our ambience background music or play music from your favourite music app instead

Workout Log

On the iPhone you can choose to log completed workouts in Apple’s Health app

Easy to start and easy to progress

Easy to Get Started

The base Obstacle Workout app incorporates bodyweight exercise only, so there is no equipment required. Start getting fit right now.

Add Intensity

Add more variety and intensity with the Intensity in-app purchase to enable more bodyweight exercises for use in your workout.

Go Hardcore

Add more resistance and variety with the Hardcore in-app purchase to enable the option to include exercises with equipment (a pull up bar, platform, medicine ball and a sand bag)

Keep Working Out

Universal app (works on both iPhone and iPad) with no subscriptions required for you to keep working out.

So don’t keep forking out to keep working out. Get Obstacle Workout now from the App Store.

App Store

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle”

Christian D. Larson


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